57 Best Advantages for Angular 5

57 Best Advantages for Angular 5 - [Angular 5 vs. Angular 4]

What’s New In Angular 4?
What Are the Improvements In Angular 4?
Angular 4 contains some additional Enhancement and Improvement. Consider the following enhancements.
1)      Smaller & Faster Apps
2)      View Engine Size Reduce
3)      Animation Package
4)      NgIf and ngFor Improvement
5)      Template
6)      NgIf with Else
7)      Use of AS keyword
8)      Pipes
9)      HTTP Request Simplified
10)   Apps Testing Simplified
11)   Introduce Meta Tags
12)   Added some Forms Validators Attributes
13)   Added Compare Select Options
14)   Enhancement in Router
15)   Added Optional Parameter
16)   Improvement Internationalization
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Angular 5 is going to be a much better Angular and you will be able to take advantage of it much easier.

The Angular 5 contains bunch of new features, performance improvements and lot of bug fixes and also some surprises to Angular lovers.
1)    Make AOT the default
2)    Watch mode
3)    Type checking in templates
4)    More flexible metadata
5)    Remove *.ngfactory.ts files
6)    Better error messages
7)    Smooth upgrades
8)    Tree-Shakeable components
9)    Hybrid Upgrade Application
10) And so on...

Angular 5 Performance Improvements - Angular 5
1)    Use of addEventListener for the faster rendering and it is the core functionality.
2)    Update to new version of build-optimizer.
3)    Added some Improvements on the abstract class methods and interfaces
4)    Remove decorator DSL which depends on Reflect for Improve the Performance of Apps and This is the core functionality.
5)    Added an option to remove blank text nodes from compiled templates
6)    Switch Angular to use Static-Injector instead of Reflective-Injector.
7)    Improve the applications testing.
8)    Improve the performance of hybrid applications
9)    Improvements on Lazy loading for Angular
10) And so on...

Some Improvement on HttpClient – This is used for Applications communicate with backend services over the HTTP protocol!
1)    Improvement on Type-checking the response
2)    Improvement on Reading the full response
3)    Improvement on Error handling and fetching error details
4)    Improvement on Intercepting all requests or responses
5)    Improvement on Logging
6)    Improvement on Caching
7)    Improvement on XSRF Protection

Added Features - Angular 5
1)    Added Representation of Placeholders to xliff and xmb in the compiler
2)    Added an Options Arg to Abstract Controls in the forms controls
3)    Added add default updateOn values for groups and arrays to form controls
4)    Added updateOn blur option to form controls
5)    Added updateOn submit option to form controls
6)    Added an Events Tracking Activation of Individual Routes
7)    Added NgTemplateOutlet API as stable in the common controls
8)    Create StaticInjector which does not depend on Reflect polyfill
9)    Added [@.disabled] attribute to disable animation children in the animations
10) And so on..

Router Life Cycle Events – Angular 5
Added new router life cycle events for Guards and Resolvers -
1)    GuardsCheckStart,
2)    GuardsCheckEnd,
3)    ResolveStart and
4)    ResolveEnd
Stayed Informed Angular 2 vs. Angular 1

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