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Angular 4

Angular 4 Doughnut Chart Example – How to Use Doughnut Chart in Angular 4?

Doughnut Chart –
A doughnut-chart is an equivalent to the pie chart and it contains blank center allowing for additional information about the data.

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Example for Doughnut Chart –

DoughnutChart.Component.ts –
import {Component} from '@angular/core';

export class DoughnutChart {
    data: any;

    constructor() { = {
            labels: ['A', 'B', 'C'],
            datasets: [
                    data: [300, 51, 101],                   
                    hoverBackgroundColor: [
                    backgroundColor: [

Doughnutchart.html –

<div class="row">
    <div class="col-lg-12" id="DoughnutChart">
        <p-chart type="doughnut" [data]="data"></p-chart>

Result –
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