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Why should I use Typescript ?

What is TypeScript?

TypeScript is a strongly typed, object oriented and compiled language and this language developed and maintained by Microsoft. It was designed by “Anders Hejlsberg” at Microsoft.

It is a superset of JavaScript.  The TypeScript is JavaScript and also has some additional features like static typing and class-based object-oriented programming, automatic assignment of constructor parameters and assigned null values and so on.

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Why should I use Typescript?  What are the Benefits of Using TypeScript?
1.     Supports Object Oriented Programming.
2.     Typescript adds static typing to JavaScript. Having static typing makes easier to develop and maintain complex apps.
3.     Angular2 uses TypeScript a lot to simplify relations between various components and how the framework is built in general.
4.     Provide an optional type system for JavaScript.
5.     Provide planned features from future JavaScript editions to current JavaScript engines.
6.     Supports type definitions.

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