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TypeScript - Lambda / Arrow Functions

Lambda Function/Arrow Function -

The arrow function is additional feature in typescript and it is also known as a lambda function.

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A lambda function is a function without a name.

var addNum = (n1: number, n2: number) => n1 + n2;

In the above, the “=>” is a lambda operator and (n1 + n2) is the body of the function and (n1: number, n2: number) are inline parameters.

For example –

let addNum = (n1: number, n2: number): number => { return n1 + n2; }
let multiNum = (n1: number, n2: number): number => { return n1 * n2; }
let dividNum = (n1: number, n2: number): number => { return n1 / n2; }

addNum(10, 2);// Result - 12
multiNum(10, 2);// Result - 20
multiNum(10, 2);// Result - 5

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