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Interface in TypeScript?

What is an Interface in TypeScript?

An interface in TypeScript is similar to other object oriented programming languages interfaces.
An interface is a way to define a contract on a function with respect to the arguments.

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In the below example, I am using an interface that describes objects that have a “name”, “age” and “address” fields and the following code defines an interface and a function that takes a parameter that adheres to that interface.

interface User {
    name: string;
    age: number;
    address: string

let userInfo = function(user: User) {
   let info = "Hello, " + + " Your Age is - " + user.age + " and Address is -" + user.address;

   return info;

let info = {
    name: "Anil",
    age: 30,
    address: "Noida, India."


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