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TypeScript Tutorial for Beginners - The Fundamental Concepts!

TypeScript Interview Questions and Answers

TypeScript - What Is? Typescript - Why Use? TypeScript - Setup and Install
TypeScript - Variable TypeScript - Interface TypeScript - Optional Properties
TypeScript - Constructor Parameters TypeScript - Functions TypeScript - Default Parameters
TypeScript - Anonymous Functions TypeScript - Named Function TypeScript - Lambda/Arrow Functions
TypeScript - Optional Parameters TypeScript - Rest Parameters Angular 2 Tutorials and Examples
TypeScript - Modifiers TypeScript - Method Overriding TypeScript - Inheritance
TypeScript - Class TypeScript - Types TypeScript - Pros and Cons!
TypeScript - Modules TypeScript - Internal Modules TypeScript - External Modules
TypeScript - Exports Modules Module vs. Namespace Export vs. Default
TypeScript - Default Exports TypeScript - Export Keyword TypeScript Interview Q/A


What is Object in JavaScript? What is the Prototype object in JavaScript and how it is used?
What is "this"? What is its value? Explain why "self" is needed instead of "this".
What is a Closure and why are they so useful to us? Explain how to write class methods vs. instance methods.
Can you explain the difference between == and ===? Can you explain the difference between call and apply?
Explain why Asynchronous code is important in JavaScript? Can you please tell me a story about a JavaScript performance problems?
Tell me your JavaScript Naming Convention? How do you define a class and its constructor?
What is Hoisted in JavaScript? What is function overloading in JavaScript?
What is scope variable in JavaScript? What is Associative Arrays in JavaScript?
How to Achieve Inheritance in JavaScript? What are two-way data binding and one-way data flow, and how are they different?
What will be the output of the following code?What will be the output of the JavaScript code?
How to empty an array in JavaScript?What is the difference between the function declarations below?
"1"+2+3 = ? And 1+2+"3" = ? OutPut Will Be?

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