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What's New in Angular 4 [Angular 4 Features]?

What’s New in Angular 4?
What are the Great Advantages of Angular 4?

Angular is a most popular “JS Framework” for developing mobile and desktop apps”.

Google” also is promising a new major version 2wice a year and Angular 4 will Release in a few short months and Google will go right to “Angular 4” in Mar 2017 and after this version Google will release next versions i.e.
a.        Angular 5” – In Oct 2017
b.       Angular 6” – In Mar 2018
c.        Angular 7” – In Oct 2018

Stayed InformedAngular 2 vs. Angular 1

1.      Angular 4 will be better tooling than Angular 2.
2.      Angular 4 will be less code than Angular 2. It will generate around 25% less code.
3.      Angular 4 will improve compilation.
4.      Angular 4 will be better performances that Angular 2.
5.      Angular 4 will add feature for template compiler.
6.      It will add some changes in the framework's underlying mechanics.
7.      Unlike Angular 2, Angular 4 is not a rewrite.
8.      Angular 4 will add some UI components.
9.      Angular 4 will add security improvements.

Stayed Informed Angular 2 vs. React.Js


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