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Angular 2

Angular2 Datepicker | Angular2 date format | Angular2 date pipe

Hello everyone, I am going to share the Angular2 Date picker using the Date Picker Directive.

Try the live example of the code shown in this page.

Date Format Code:-
<h1> Today's Date : {{value | date: 'dd/MM/yyyy'}}</h1>

View Template Code:-
<form> <input type="text" date-picker ng-control="value" [(ng-model)]="value" /> </form>

Directive Code:-
  selector: '[date-picker]'

Datepicker Class:-
export class DatePicker extends DefaultValueAccessor implements OnInit {
  private element: ElementRef;
  constructor(@Self() model: NgControl, element: ElementRef, renderer: Renderer) {
    super(model, renderer, element);
    this.element = element;
  public writeValue(value: any): void {
      $(this.element.nativeElement).datepicker('setDate', value);
  public onInit(): void {

Try the live example of the code shown in this page.


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