DOJO toolkit ArcGIS API for JavaScript

How much DOJO do I need to know in order to use the ArcGIS API for JavaScript?

dojo.require: -

It is very similar to the <script> tag on an HTML page and like JavaScript, we imports resources into HTML page.

// AMD
require(["esri/map", ... ], function(Map, ... ){ ... });

// legacy

dojo.ready :-

It is very similar to <body onload="">. It is initializing to block after the page has finished loading.

// legacy

// AMD
require(["dojo/ready"], function(ready){
  ready(function(){     });

dojo.connect: -

It is very similar to JavaScript elements functions looks like,
1.      Element.addEventListener and
2.      Element.attachEvent.

It registers a listener event on an element on the page and returns results.
// legacy
dojo.connect(myMap, "onLoad", myLoadHandler);

// AMD
require(["esri/map", "dojo/on"], function(Map, on) {
  on(myMap, "load", callback);

dojo.byId: -

It is very similar to the JavaScript document.getElementById(id) function and this function returns the first HTML element with the argument ID.

// legacy
dojo.byId("myInputField").value =;


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