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ASP .NET MVC 6 Angular 2 typescript

Setup Visual Studio Components, TypeScript and Angular 2

I have research the steps involved in starting to learn Angular 2 and ASP.Net MVC 6 and the list of Visual Studio frameworks, scripts, tools and libraries which used in application developments.

1.       ASP.NET Core frameworks
2.       MVC 6
3.       TypeScript
4.       Angular 2
5.       Bootstrap 3
6.       Bower
7.       Gulp

Setup Step 1 - Installation instructions

1.       Download and Install ASP.NET Core frameworks from here.
2.       Download and Install NPM by installing Node.js from here.
3.       Install bower, gulp, typescript, typings and tsd using the command window. Open command window and run the following commands.    
o   npm install -g bower
o   npm install -g gulp
o   npm install -g typescript
o   npm install -g typings
o   npm install -g tsd

Setup Step 2 - Installation instructions

1.       Download and install Visual Studio 2015 framework from here.
2.       Open Visual Studio 2015 and install if any update related to core frameworks.
3.       Open the Visual Studio solution and try to restore Nuget packages, NPM and bower.
4.       Open “appsettings.json” file and alter database connection string (something like web.config) as per your SQL environment.
5.       Now try to build your application and run it.

References for codes-ample for the same


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