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Angular 2 Features and Benefits

According to Angular 2 Docs, “Angular 2 takes a web component-based approach to building powerful applications for the web. It is used along with TypeScript which provides support for ECMAScript 5, ECMAScript 6, and ECMAScript 7 .

Angular 2 Features and Benefits

1.       Mobile First
2.       Future Ready
3.       Flexible Development
4.       Speed and Performance
5.       Supports server-side pre-rendering
6.       Simple and Expressive
7.       Comprehensive Routing
8.       Animations
9.       Hierarchical Dependency Injection
10.   Support for Web Components
11.   Internationalizations and localization (i18n) and Accessibility

Building Blocks of Angular 2 Apps

1.       Module
2.       Component
3.       Template
4.       Metadata
5.       Data Binding
6.       Service
7.       Directive
8.       Dependency Injection

Browser Support

1.       IE,
2.       Android,
3.       Chrome,
4.       Edge,
5.       Firefox and
6.       Safari

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