What's new in C# 11

 The following features were added in C# 11:

    1. Raw string literals
    2. Generic math support
    3. Generic attributes
    4. UTF-8 string literals
    5. Newlines in string interpolation expressions
    6. List patterns
    7. File-local types
    8. Required members
    9. Auto-default structs
    10. Pattern match Span<char> on a constant string
    11. Extended nameof scope
    12. Numeric IntPtr
    13. ref fields and scoped ref
    14. Improved method group conversion to delegate
    15. Warning wave 7 

Generic Attributes:

// Before C# 11: Old feature

public class TypeAttribute : Attribute


   public TypeAttribute(Type t) => ParamType = t;

   public Type ParamType { get; }



And to apply the attribute, you use the typeof operator:


public string Method() => default;


// C# 11 feature: New feature

public class GenericAttribute<T> : Attribute { }


Then, specify the type parameter to use the attribute:


public string Method() => default;


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