How to implement cache to rendering CSS and JS file in MVC C#

The below code will help us to implement cache to render CSS and JS files in MVC C# and also to improve the performance of page loading.

The following steps:

  • 1)     Added a Cache Helper class to Cache file,
  • 2)     Import the Utility on cshtml file
  • 3)     Apply the CacheHelper.CacheFile() for each js and css file on views
  • 4)     Result

For Example,> Added a Cache Helper class to Cache file,

using System;

using System.IO;

using System.Web;

using System.Web.Caching;

using System.Web.Hosting;

namespace Utility


    public static class CacheHelper


        public static string CacheFile(string rootRelativePath)


            if (HttpRuntime.Cache[rootRelativePath] == null)


                string absolute = HostingEnvironment.MapPath(rootRelativePath);

                DateTime date = File.GetLastWriteTime(absolute);


                string result = rootRelativePath + "?v=" + date.Ticks;

                HttpRuntime.Cache.Insert(rootRelativePath, result, new CacheDependency(absolute));


            return HttpRuntime.Cache[rootRelativePath] as string;




Import the Utility on cshtml file & Apply the CacheHelper.CacheFile()

import helper class > @using Utility

CSS file,

<link href="@CacheHeper.CacheFile("/includes/css/bootstrap.min.css")" rel="stylesheet" />

JS file,

<script src="@CacheHeper.CacheFile("/Scripts/jquery-maskedinput.js")"></script>


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