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Why College Education is Important for Everyone

Higher education is essential in the modern world due to its contribution to the progress of humanity in the form of economic, scientific, and technological achievements, the formation of highly qualified specialists, their successful professional implementation. Therefore, higher education is designed not only to provide young people with the necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities but also to promote the comprehensive development of personality, to cultivate the necessary qualities and traits.

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Below we will consider the importance of college education for each modern person. Study the material carefully.

The Role of College Education in the Modern Information Society

The current stage of development of society is characterized by rapid informatization, accumulation of large amounts of information, the transition from industrial to post-industrial (information) stage of development. Today, information, a fundamental factor in social development, is becoming the most important category, reflecting the importance of information resources for all significant human activities (educational, industrial, research, etc.). The priority of information as a resource is because, currently, those who have access to information have advantages.

College education cannot stay out of these trends. Currently, a cultured person, regardless of his profession and activities, must have the skills to work with electronic means of processing and transmitting the information. Therefore, a college education is primarily an environment for information exchange. Such exchange involves the assimilation and the transfer and generation of new information in exchange for the received, and most importantly – the production of knowledge.

The traditional education system is being replaced by a system set on the formation of a developed, creative personality, able to easily adapt to changing environmental conditions, navigate the flow of information, and continuously engage in self-development.

The use of information technology in the college education system contributes to the creation of computer teaching methodology, which focuses on the use in the educational process of methods such as:

      Computer modeling of educational and cognitive activities;

      Information method;

      Educational programming;

      Associative method;

      Testing method;

      Game method of active learning;

      Project method;

      Situational modeling method, etc.

The application of computer-based learning methodology focuses primarily on integrating all types of educational activities and preparing the subjects of the educational process for life in the information society.

College Education as a Key Factor in Socio-Economic Development

Human capital is an essential factor in the sustainable development of any economic system. However, the quantitative characteristics of human capital do not always reflect its relationship with economic development. That is why we can observe opposed economic development results in countries with different populations. A much more important characteristic is the quality of human capital and mechanisms for its improvement.

In modern conditions of dynamic technological and economic development, the main criterion for the quality of human capital is its ability to form a larger share of value added in the production process. This ability is determined primarily by the level of knowledge and competencies of the participants in economic relations and the ability to obtain and improve them. Today, college education increases the workforce’s overall productivity and intellectual flexibility, affects the population’s overall well-being, increases the country's competitiveness in world markets, and promotes economic growth.

In general, the impact of college education on the country's economy is manifested in:

      Training of the workforce through vocational training of employees, which allows to deepen and expand the acquired knowledge, skills, and abilities at the level of needs of economic entities;

      Lower unemployment – college education reduces the risk of unemployment;

      Production of innovations and research works for business entities.

The Importance of College Education for the Individual 

College education plays the essential role in the final self-determination and self-realization of a person for several reasons:

1.     Firstly, modern conditions of social life need highly qualified individuals trained in the college;

2.     Secondly, a college education is a final link in the professional definition of a person with the aim of its acceptable participation in the optimal distribution of social roles and successful entry into a changing and competitive labor market;

3.     Thirdly, there are direct personal benefits from a college education: with increasing levels of education, human success and competitiveness increase.

To quantify the individual benefits of college education, the coefficient of so-called individual return is calculated, compared with the public. Global surveys show that college education, among all other levels of education, provides the greatest individual benefit. This, among other things, leads to relatively greater private investment in education. In addition, the level of public involvement in college education affects the size of the human development index.

Thus, in the context of socio-economic transformations, the role of a college education is growing. In the modern information society, the college education system is designed to provide the economy with qualified personnel and develop sustainable skills in working with new knowledge and information. Today, a college education is perceived as one of the most effective investments in human capital.

The role of college education as a factor of socio-economic transformations is manifested in ensuring the livelihood of each person. Without a college education, it is almost impossible to realize a person's creative potential. Education is one of the main aspects of any person's life. If a person has a high level of education, they can apply their knowledge, skills, and abilities in practice, using various information resources. An educated person is sociable and has a wide circle of contacts, many friends, and business partners. Therefore, getting a college education is greatly important for everyone today.



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