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What Is Java Used For? 5 Industries That Can’t Do Without It

According to the results of the annual State of the Octoverse report, which is published by Github, the Java language ranks third in the list of the most popular at the end of 2021. In this article, we will talk about five industries that can’t do without this language.

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5 industries that can’t do without Java

Android apps

The Android ecosystem is growing rapidly around the world and is spreading to different groups of people. People from different walks of life, people with disabilities, users who just want to have newfangled features are starting to use Android applications in their daily lives. Java is the language that developers have been using to build Android applications for many years. As the oldest Android programming language, Java has slightly more support than Kotlin, for example.

Server apps

Many large companies use Java in one way or another. A lot of server applications for corporations are written in this language. For example, we are talking about programs for financial institutions that provide transactions, fixing trade operations. The language is often used in the development of cloud applications, for example, the server side of Pokemon Go and IoT (Internet of Things) – applications for working with different sensors and video surveillance cameras.

Web development

They also use Java for web development. The benefits of web applications in Java are reliability, multifunctionality, and flexibility. They use the Spring framework to develop web applications in Java. It provides a development and configuration model for many modern business applications. For example, with the Spring framework, they develop e-commerce projects, large portals, educational platforms, government resources, etc. An important element of Spring is infrastructure support at the application level. In this way, developers can fully focus on business logic without customization that depends on the runtime environment. They also use Hibernate from Java frameworks. It can simplify the Java apps development for interaction with the database.


The most notable programs in this niche are development tools like Eclipse, IntelliJ Idea, NetBeans IDE, etc. Although some time ago, Swing was very popular for writing thick clients, mainly in the financial services and investment banking sectors.

J2ME apps

For those who don't know, J2ME is an alternative to Android and iOS. Of course, its popularity is very low, but there are still phones in the world that use this OS. It can also be found in TV boxes, Blu-ray, etc.

Java pluses

1.      Independent code. Any platform that supports the Java Virtual Machine will reproduce your code.

2.      Reliable code. Strong statistical typing provides the main benefit – the reliability of your code.

3.      High functionality. You can write almost anything in Java, from a simple smartphone app to machine learning programs for self-driving cars.

4.      Medium syntax. This language lends itself to learning for beginners who have never dealt with programming before.

5.      Java for Android. Android is the most popular OS for smartphones, and Java is the most popular language for applications on Android; therefore, having studied Java, there will be a very wide field for activity.


So what is Java for? You can safely answer that it is used for successful programming everything that can come to your mind. Then another question may arise: if Java is so versatile, then why are third-party programming languages needed? The bottom line is that yes, Java is universal, but in some areas, its use is impractical due to more complex code or lower performance, etc. For this, other languages are strong in areas where Java is weak.

By Anil Singh | Rating of this article (*****)

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