Lock Timeout vs SQL Timeout

Lock Timeout vs SQL Timeout

Lock Timeout:

Lock timeout mean, one user is accessing data same time if other one user wants to access it, it will lock wait timeout for the second user and after some time it will be time out for the second user.

How to resolve them?

Setting the SQL Server Lock_Timeout Interval

If you don't want to wait forever for a lock to become available, SQL Server offers the lock_timeout interval, which case is set as follows:

SET LOCK_TIMEOUT {Millisecond}


You specify the timeout interval in milliseconds, i.e. for a 10 second interval use the below code:



Setting the SQL Server Lock_Timeout Interval with Query Re-attempt Logic

We can use the lock_timeout to check for blocking that exceeds a certain limit and instead of failing the process due to the lock_timeout or waiting indefinitely for the locks to become free, we can set a delay and re-attempt the command again.  This could also be helpful for deadlock situations.


SQL Timeout:

Increase the timeout you allow the query to run before a timeout is thrown i.e.

cmd.CommandTimeout = 180;  // number of seconds


The Optimation steps would be:

1) Check if the table contains redundancy, if so normalize it

2) Use Index for speed search.

3) Use pagination to display. So that no needs to fetch that much record in a single query

4) If your business logic depends on that much records (some calculation of something), use a stored procedure to do that or use appropriate aggregate queries.

5) Repository pattern with identity mapper is a good way to reuse the previously obtained records.



One of the first lines of defense in determining the causes of database slowdowns is to use sp_who2. sp_who2 shows all the sessions that are currently established in the database. These are denoted as SPID‘s, or Server process Id’s.

EXEC sp_who2


There are four main things to look for when diagnosing slowdowns.

1) Blocking

2) High CPU usage

3) High IO usage

4) Multiple entries for the same SPID representing parallelism


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