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Top 3 Programming Languages to Learn Being A Student

Computer programs have been integrated into our everyday life in direct and indirect ways. A variety of industries need programmers that will do their coding work, including industries such as entertainment, education, eCommerce industry and many others.
If you would like to know how to build software programs, the next step you should take is learning how to code. So, how to learn programming and coding for beginners? There are many online resources you can find and use by using Google and YouTube. Not only will this improve your strategic thinking skills, but it will also unlock a lot of career opportunities for you. 

However, there are so many programming languages you can choose from, so which language should you begin with as a student? 

C or C++
C or C++ is a great stepping stone to learning programming and they have reliably been used for the past three decades. It is still being used today by software engineers globally in their projects and can be a great language to learn to code for beginners.
These languages are being used in many high-end projects nowadays, like enterprise software, 3D graphics program, video games, real-time calculating software, and other applications. 
C and C++ are identical and are very adaptable and one of the largest projects they have been used is the development of Google Chrome. To get in the software engineering industry, learning C and/or C++ will make things easier for you as a student.
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Python is a relatively simple language to learn and that makes it one of the top programming languages in the world. Also, Python is shorter than any other programming language out there, which means it uses less code to add new elements. Python can also be used for almost any application in all industries. 

Python has been used by big names such as electronics manufacturer, Phillips and visual effects studio, Industrial Light and Magic. For automated processes and programming scripts, Python comes out on top and it isn’t limited to its capabilities. Projects can be completed on time and much faster when using this programming language which gives you enough time to do school work.

Java is one of the greatest programming languages involved in developing Android applications. In fact, the Android mobile platform has large parts of Java code. It is distinct from JavaScript, which is used to develop web pages and mobile applications, but it more intensive than that. It is used in larger computer systems and other programs and apps.
The beauty of using Java is that you don’t have to rewrite the code for different operating systems. You write it once and it works on mobile operating systems, Windows, Mac and Linux. It has been used to develop some Office suite software like LibreOffice and OpenOffice.
 Although other languages can be used to develop Android apps, Java is still the go-to language for many developers. If you are an aspirant developer learning Java will also be quite beneficial because of its simplicity and powerfulness.
The bottom line
Once you have learned one of the above languages, don’t stop there but rather continue learning others as well. Some projects will require you to know more than one language and will require other skills. Research topics about DevOps, and other valuable technical skills that can improve your software engineering skills.
You can take online courses or real-life courses that can help you learn these languages. On the other hand, you can also use YouTube tutorials and published blogs that will give you some hand-on knowledge. Learning to code isn’t hard anymore because knowledge can be received from many different mediums now.

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