ReferenceError: localforage is not defined | localforage.getItem()

I am getting an error (ReferenceError: localforage is not defined) when using the below code.

app.service('cacheService', function () {
    return {
        set: function (key, value, expireTimeInSeconds) {
            return localforage.setItem(key, {
                data: value,
                timestamp: new Date().getTime(),
                expireTimeInMilliseconds: expireTimeInSeconds * 1000
        get: function (key) {
            return localforage.getItem(key).then(function (item) {
                if (!item || new Date().getTime() > (item.timestamp + item.expireTimeInMilliseconds)) {
                    return null
                } else {
                    return item.data

Error:  ReferenceError: localforage is not defineds

We need to add localforage to our project as well: https://github.com/mozilla/localForage
angular-localforage is just the angular wrapper.

Solution 1:  To use localForage, just drop a single JavaScript file into your page:
<script src="localforage/dist/localforage.js"></script>
<script>localforage.getItem('something', myCallback);</script>

Solution 2:
Download the latest localForage from GitHub, or install with npm:
npm install localforage

Solution 3:
Add the reference on the HTML page,
<script src="https://cdn.rawgit.com/mozilla/localForage/master/dist/localforage.js"></script>

Live example, https://codepen.io/thgreasi/pen/ojYKeE

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