get QueryString value in MVC View

Get QueryString value in MVC View, JavaScript

Make a hidden field and put the vale in it as like below example, then get the value using jQuery selector.

As an Example,

MVC View Code looks like this,
<input type='hidden'  value='@Request.QueryString["token"]'  id='hdnToken' />

JavaScript code looks like this,
$(function () {
    var token$("#hdnToken").val();

Another Example,
//You can use URLSearchParams which is simple .
var getURLSearchParams = function (parameterName) {
    var result = null,
        tmp = [];
        .forEach(function (item) {
            tmp = item.split("=");
            if (tmp[0] === parameterNameresult = decodeURIComponent(tmp[1]);

    return result;

//Usage, // query string: ?param1=anil&param2=&singh
let param1 = getURLSearchParams("param1");


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