Angular vs React

Angular vs Vue vs React vs JavaScript

Angular is a Framework and powered by Google.
Use Angular if you love coding in TypeScript. Also if you are a fond of object-oriented programming (OOPs), Angular is definitely you.

If you want to use TypeScript use Angular.

React is a Library to build UI and maintained by Facebook.
Use React if you like flexibility more than other features.
Use React if you are a JavaScript lover because it is all about JavaScript.
Use React if you want everything is JavaScript.

Vue is a library and created by former Google Employee.
Vue is an easy JavaScript and HTML.
Use Vue if you are a fan of clean code, want separation of concerns of your applications. Vue provides the easiest learning curve and it’s an ideal option for beginners.

Vue is ideal for a small team and a small project. If your app seems to be large and has significant future expansion plan, pick React or Angular.

Who uses on production?
=> Angular: Google using it in almost all his product (example Firebase), Microsoft, Intel, Disney Studio, AWS.

=> React: Facebook, Netflix, Airbnb, AWS
=> Vue: Netflix, Adobe, Grammarly, Behance, Google Charts, Wizz Air, My Nintendo, GitLab


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