Key Differences of Python

Key Differences of Python 3.x, Python 2.x, and Python 1

Python is an Interpreted, Interactive, Object-Oriented, and high-level programming language and it has a design philosophy that emphasizes code readability.

Python is created by Guido van Rossum and the first released on 20 February 1991; around 26 years ago.

Python features a dynamic type system and memory management automatically. It also supports multiple programming paradigms like –
1.      Object Oriented
2.      Functional
3.      Procedural
4.      Imperative
5.      Comprehensive standard library

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Why Are There Different Versions of Python?
There were many versions of pythons since its release in 1994.The following python versions are major and notable minor releases. The releases of python 2.7 and 3.X are stable versions
The Key Differences between Python 1, 2 and Python 3.x: Python Versions

Python 0.9.0 -
Python 0.9 was released on Feb 1991 and the lists of features are:
1.      Classes with inheritance exception handling
2.      Functions
3.      Modules

Python 1.0 -
Python 1.0 was released on Jan 1994 and the lists of features are:
1.      Functional programming tools (lambda, map, filter and reduce)
2.      Support for complex numbers
3.      Functions with keyword arguments

Python 2.x -
Python 2.0 was released on Oct 2000, Python 2.7.0 was released on July 2010, and Python 2.7.15 was released on May 2018 and the list of features are:
1.      List comprehension
2.      Cycle-detecting garbage collector
3.      Support for Unicode. Unification of data types and classes
4.      Print functional brackets optional
5.      Prefix string with u to make Unicode string
6.      Division of integers always return integer – 5/2=2
7.      Raw_input () reads string
8.      input() evaluates data read
9.      generator .next()

Python 3.x -
Python 3.0 was released on Dec 2008, Python 3.6 was released on Dec 2016, Python 3.6.5 was released on Mar 2018, Python 3.7.0 was released on May 2018, and the lists of features are:
1.      Backward incompatible
2.      print keyword changed to print() function
3.      raw_input() function depreciated
4.      Unified Str/Unicode types
5.      Utilities for automatic conversion of Python 2.x code
6.      New C API for thread-local storage
7.      Built-in breakpoint()
8.      Data classes
9.      Context variables
10.  print functional brackets compulsory
11.  String Unicode by default
12.  Division of integers may result in float – 5/2=2.5
13.  Raw_input() not available
14.  Input always reads string
15.  Next (generator).
16.  Py2 to py3 utility
17.  Dictionary .keys() and .values() returns a view not a list

Explore for more detail about Python's benefits, features and others.

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