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Angular Console: What is it and why is it valuable for you?

Angular Console is the user interface for the Angular CLI. Angular Console developed by Nrwl.

Angular Console is free open source, cross-platform tool that provides a graphical UI for the Angular CLI.

Angular Console helps us to spend less time in remembering the CLI commands and more time being productive

Angular Console keeps all major commands like ng, build, start, serve and so on.
Angular Console is a great tool and useful for both experts and beginners Angular developers.
Why Angular Console?
Professional developers use both command-line tools and user interfaces. They commit in the terminal, but resolve conflicts in VSCode or WebStorm. They use the right tool for the job.

You may either install the Angular Console extension for Visual Studio code directly from Microsoft's marketplace.

Download for Windows, Mac or UNIX: Available as a desktop app(Mac/Windows)

What Are the Features?
1.      Trivial Code Generation
2.      Run Custom NPM Scripts
3.      Discover and Install Extensions
4.      Build CLI Commands Visually
5.      Integrated Terminal Output
6.      Import Existing Projects

Source link – Angular console
Reference link - YouTube

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