Announcing React Native version 0.60

What’s New in React Native 0.60? Announcing React Native version 0.60

React Native Core team is announce the release of version 0.60. This release handles significant migrations for both Android and iOS platforms and many issues are resolved too.
1.      Many improvements on APIs accessibility
2.      React Native's start screen has been updated.
3.      AndroidX is a major step forward in the Android ecosystem, and the old support library artifacts are being deprecated.
4.      CocoaPods by Default
5.      Native Modules are now Autolinked
6.      Upgrade Helper
7.      StatusBar now deprecated
Added New Features -
1.      CLI auto-linking support
2.      Add enhanced accessibility actions support
3.      Add additional accessibility roles and states
4.      Add isReduceMotionEnabled() plus reduceMotionChanged to AccessibilityInfo
5.      Add support for cancelling fetch requests with AbortController

Android specific -
1.      Enable views to be nested within Text.
2.      Add a touchSoundDisabled prop to Button, Touchable, and TouchableWithoutFeedback.

iOS specific -
1.      Ability to force network requests to use WiFi using the allowsCellularAccess property.
2.      $RN_CACHE_DIR can now be used to manually specify the iOS build cache directory
Changed -
1.      BREAKING Migrated to AndroidX.
2.      Cleanup RedBox message and stack output.
3.      Add default scrollEventThrottle value to Animated.FlatList and Animated.SectionList.
4.      Remove invariant on nested sibling VirtualizedLists without unique listKey props.
5.      FlatList and VirtualizedList's default keyExtractor now checks and item.key.

Deprecated -
1.      StatusBar now deprecated

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