Angular 8 ngx-build-modern

What is ‘ngx-build-modern’ in Angular 8?

The ngx-build-modern is used for extending The Angular CLI's build process without Ejecting.

Differential loading of modern JavaScript:-  Differential Serving for Angular and the CLI. Must be:-

1.            Angular >= 7.0.0
2.            Angular CLI >= 7.0.0

The important features of “ngx-build-modern”:-
·       Create optimized bundles for modern browsers
·       Create legacy bundles for older browsers
·       Make the browser loads the right set of bundles
·       Automate this all by providing a CLI extension

To getting started, you just need the following commands:
·       ng add ngx-build-plus
·       ng add ngx-build-modern

The ngx-build-plus allows us to modify the NG CLI's build process by providing a partial web pack config. 

Note When using Angular >= 7 and CLI >= 7, you can simply use ng add for installing ngx-build-plus.

To install using NPM command:
·       npm i ngx-build-modern


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