Advantages and Disadvantages of Angular 8

Angular 8 Pros and Cons - Advantages and Disadvantages!

Pros of Angular:-
1.      Reusability
2.      Readability
3.      High Performance
4.      Unit-test friendly
5.      Maintainability
6.      Component-based architecture that provides a higher quality of code
7.      TypeScript: better tooling, cleaner code, and higher scalability
8.      RxJS: efficient, asynchronous programming
9.      The platform-agnostic philosophy
10. Hierarchical dependency injection
11. Angular Universal
12. Ivy renderer
13. Angular elements
14. Google Long-Term Support
15. Angular Material streamlines Material Design interface engineering
16. Seamless updates using Angular CLI
17. loved by millions of developers

Cons of Angular:-
=> Divided and churning community
=> Migrating legacy systems from AngularJs to Angular requires time
=> Angular is verbose and complex
=> Steep learning curve
=> CLI documentation is lacking details


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