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What Is Slim framework? | Features of Slim Framework

What Is Slim framework?
Slim Framework is a PHP micro framework that helps PHP developers to write quickly and easily a powerful web applications and APIs.

How Is Slim framework different from other frameworks like Laravel, Symfony or Zend?
Slim framework is a micro framework while Laravel/Symfony/Zend framework is a full-stack framework.

Is Slim framework similar to Symfony’s Silex? How do they differ?
  • cis micro-framework based on the Symfony Components.
  • Silex is not based on the PSR-7 (HTTP message interfaces) standard
  • Silex is in maintenance mode. Ends of life 1 is set to June 2018.

What Are the features of Slim Framework?
The following features of Slim Framework are:
  • Includes great routes - Route middleware, Route redirect, and Standard HTTP methods
  • Easy to solve and fix the errors
  • AES-256 encryption secures the data and stores in cookies
  • Possible to render external PHP files using template rendering

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