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LimeJS Interview Questions and Answers

What Is LimeJS?
LimeJS is a HTML5 game framework for building fast, native-experience games for all modern touch screens and desktop browsers.
LimeJS framework is defined as one of the highly renowned gaming application.  

LimeJS framework is developed with JavaScript framework to encourage designers develop and design HTML5 based gaming applications.

What Are the Basic Requirements of LimeJS?
You should be familiar with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and basic object oriented concepts.
We will be using LimeJS, which is the one most used game frameworks.
Please check the documentation on their web site and install it.

How To Install LimeJS?
To install LimeJS, go to link -
The dependencies required to develop with LimeJS include Python 2.6+, Git and Subversion or Git/SVN.

What Are the advantages of LimeJS framework?
1.      Expedition of improvement
2.      Cross platform features
3.      Solid backing of business sector pioneers
4.      Dynamic distribution process
5.      Discretionary installation process
6.      As you know, HTML5 is remarkably an innovative mark-up language that is used for portable as well as developing desktop gaming applications.
7.      LimeJS has a great and open community

Why You Use LimeJS?
LimeJS framework to encourage designers develop and design HTML5 based gaming applications.

It is Very easy and not required to learn anything else to gaming applications.

Is HTML5 the future of gaming application?
Yes! Developers are getting more and more aware of various latest updates on HTML5, and these updates encourage developers to work with HTML5 in more advanced ways by developing eye-striking HTML5 applications, and especially when it comes to discuss about developing HTML5 gaming applications, where you often need to work with LimeJS framework.

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