Content Scrolling Disable

How To Disable / Enable Content Scrolling in IONIC Framework?

Content Scrolling  Disable Enable IONIC FrameworkWe can disable/enable scrollbar pragmatically.  There are some  some example are give, you your suitable.

Example 1 -  Try a setting <content scroll="false"> that will disable scrolling.

Example 2 , You can alos used this as a quick fix –
This every time an event is called, in our case, on every drag event.

Disable Scrolling -
$ionicScrollDelegate.getScrollView().__enableScrollY = false

Enable Scrolling -
$ionicScrollDelegate.getScrollView().__enableScrollY = true

Example 3,

Example 4,
Add the .scss file –
.no-scroll .scroll-content{
    overflow: hidden;

Then add the no-scroll class to your ion-content like this –
<ion-content class="no-scroll">

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