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Setup Angular 7 local development

How to Setup Angular 7 local development environment?

How to Setup for local development?

Before you start Angular 7, make sure your development environment includes following.
1.      Node.js® and
2.      npm package manager

Node.js -
For Angular 7,  requires Node.js version 8.x or 10.x.
Firstly check your Node.js version, run the below commands in your console window -
            > node -v
For installing Node.js, go to

NPM Package Manager -

For Quick Start uses the npm client command line interface, go to

Step 1 - Install the Angular CLI
            > npm install -g @angular/cli

Step 2- Create a Angular application by using CLI command
            > ng new demoApp
Here demoApp is my application name.

Step 3 - Serve the application
            > cd demoApp
            > ng serve --open

The Result looks like -

Example looks like -
 import { Component } from '@angular/core';

      selector: 'my-demoApp',
      template: `<h1>Welcome to my first {{name}}</h1>`
  export class AppComponent { name = 'Angular 7 App!'; }


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