Angular 7 UrlSegment Interface

What Is UrlSegment Interface in Angular 7?

UrlSegment Interface - UrlSegment interface represents a single URL segment and the constructor, properties, and methods look like below UrlSegment class i.e.

classUrlSegment {
constructor(path: string, parameters: {...})
path: string
parameters: {...}
toString(): string

The UrlSegment is a part of a URL between the two slashes and it contains a path and matrix parameters associated with the segment.

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styleUrls: ['./user.component.css']
classUserComponent {
constructor(router: Router) {
consturlTree: UrlTree = router.parseUrl('/user;id=101');
consturlSGroup: UrlSegmentGroup = urlTree.root.children[PRIMARY_OUTLET];
consturlSegment: UrlSegment[] = urlSGroup.segments;

urlSegment[0].path; // It will returns 'user'
urlSegment[0].parameters; //It will returns {id: 101}


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