Angular 7 Ivy rendering engine

What Is Ivy rendering engine in Angular 7?

Ivy Rendering Engine - The Ivy rendering engine is a new backwards-compatible Angular renderer main focused on the following.
1.              Speed Improvements
2.              Size Reduction
3.              Increased Flexibility

The template functions for creating dynamically views are no longer nested functions inside each other.

Now we use for loops that are nested inside other loops.

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functionAppComponent(rf: RenderFlags, ctx: AppComponent) {
functionulTemplateFun(rf1: RenderFlags, ctx0: any) {
functionliTemplateFun(rf1: RenderFlags, ctx1: any) {...}

No longer create multiple functions instances for loops that are nested inside other loops.

<ul *ngFor="let student of students">
<li *ngFor="let subject of student"> {{subject}} </li>

To enabling Ivy by adding the following lines to the tsconfig.json file in the new project folder:
"angularCompilerOptions": {
"enableIvy": true


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