Deploy Angular Application to IIS - Angular 2, 4, 5, 6 and 7

Deploy Angular Application to IIS -
In this article, I am showing the steps to deploy angular applications in a production scenario. For the same, we need to do some configuration to make it works.

The configuration steps as following as -

Steps 1 - Setup Internet Information Services (IIS) in your machine if not installed
Steps 2 - Run the command (ng build –prod) in your Angular application directory.

After the above command executed successfully! The “dist” folder created automatically in your application directory.

See the pic 1 and 2.

Steps 3 – Copy the created “dist” folder and put as per your suitable folder directory.
Steps 4 - Deploy your angular app (dist folder) in the web root in IIS.
Steps 5 - Assign the port for this app (like port:8090)
Steps 6 – Add the user access (authentication and authorizations) for this app folder.
Steps 7 – finally open this app/project on your web browsers.

Stayed informed Angular4, 5, and 6 questions

I hope you understand these steps if not so please send me an email and will update this article to make more effective.


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