New Features in C# 7 with Visual Studio 2017

What’s new in Visual Studio 2017?

In this article, I explain the new features and installation of Visual Studio 2017 included steps.

The Visual Studio 2017 Contains bunch of new features, performance improvements and lots of bug fixes and also some surprises to VS (Visual Studio) lovers.
1.      Build smarter apps, fast
2.      Find and fix bugs sooner
3.      Integrate with the cloud
4.      Collaborate efficiently
5.      Deliver quality mobile apps
6.      Level up your language
7.      Craft your ideal IDE
8.      Optimized for performance
9.      Deliver software faster
10.  Stay ahead of the curve
11.  And many more thinks

Installation of Visual Studio 2017
Firstly, go to a link and download the Visual Studio 2017 and after download completed, installed the Visual Studio 2017 executable file which you downloaded.

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Note – Only Visual Studio Community edition is free for the individual developers.

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