Angular Service Worker Life Cycle

Angular Service Worker Cache and return Requests

How to Cache and return Requests?
After a service worker is installed and the user navigates to a different page or refreshes, the service worker will begin to receive fetch events.

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The following example looks like this.
self.addEventListener('fetch', function(event) {
      .then(function(response) {
        //Cache return response
        if (response) {
           return response;
        return fetch(event.request);

What Is Angular Language Service?
The Language Service is a way to find the typing hints, autocompletion, errors, and navigations inside your templates. It can be an external HTML file or embedded decorators in a string.

Let’s understand the following points -
1.      Autocompletion - It provides you a language hint for speed up the code of your app.
2.      Error checking - It provides you a warning message on your code mistake.
3.      Navigation - It allows you to hover to see where a component, directives, modules, and then click or press F12 to go directly to its definition.

Got a minute? Check out this, Angular 6 Questions | A Complete Guide Book

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