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Angular Language Services

What Is Angular Language Service?
The Language Service is a way to find the typing hints, autocompletion, errors, and navigations inside your templates. It can be an external HTML file or embedded decorators in a string.

Let’s understand the following points -
1.      Autocompletion - It provides you a language hint for speed up the code of your app.
2.      Error checking - It provides you a warning message on your code mistake.
3.      Navigation - It allows you to hover to see where a component, directives, modules, and then click or press F12 to go directly to its definition.

What Is Service Workers in Angular?
Angular 5+ start using service workers and the service workers are increased the reliability and performance of the app without needing to code against this.

This is the great advantages of angular and Angular’s service worker is designed for -
1.      Improve the performance regarding the unreliable network connection
2.      Minimizing the risks of serving out-dated content
3.      It’s Optimize the end user experience

The main design goal of Angular's Service Worker -
1.      Caching an application
2.      When users refresh applications, they see firstly latest version cached file.
3.      The Updates happen in the background process. Do not interrupt other processes.
4.      When Updates, it happened the previous version of the application is served until an update ready to use

Prerequisites to Supports Service Workers
We must have the following Angular and Angular CLI versions and also our web application must run in a web browser that supports service workers.
1.      Angular 5 or later
2.      Angular CLI 1.6 or later

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