15 Best Sails.js Interview Questions and Answers

What Is Sails.js?
Sails.js is a Real-time MVC frameworks for Node.js.

Sails.js is a Node.js framework that allows you to build enterprise-ready, MVC (model, view, and controller) application on-the-go.

Sails.js has built-in features such as an API creator, and its socket integration in every route and database ORM makes.

Sails.js is very useful and helps speed up development.

What are the features of Sails.js?
Sails.js has lots of features which will help you to build custom, enterprise-ready applications.

Some of them are as follows -
1.      Auto generated API
2.      Database ORM
3.      Inbuilt task runner
4.      Security code
5.      Built-in web sockets in routes.

Sails.js is one of the best MVC frameworks and can help you to rapidly develop web applications. For those who don’t want to reinvent the wheel like we do in the MEAN stack, Sails is a great option.

How to installed version Sails.js?
In order to install Sails, you will first need to install the latest version of Node.js.

Node.js is supported on most major operating systems, including the –
1.      MacOS X
2.      Windows
3.      Linux

Run following command to install it.
npm install sails -g

Depending on your internet connection, it will take some time to install Sails.js. Once the installation completes, you can use the sails command line to create new projects.

How to create an application instance in Sails.js?
In order to create a new project, run the following command.
sails create YourProjectName

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