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JavaScript Functions 4 Ways

What Is the function of JavaScript?
Functions are one of the fundamental building blocks in JavaScript. A function is a JavaScript procedure - a set of statements that performs a task.

To use functions, you must define or declared in the scope from which you wish to call it.
Functions are declared or defined with the function keyword.  You can write a function in four ways and it looks like..

JavaScript Functions 4 Ways -
1.      Function Declaration
2.      Function Expression
3.      Arrow Function Expression
4.      Concise Arrow Function expression

Example -
//Function Declaration
function fn1_Square(a, b){
    let square = a*b;
    return square;

//Function Expression
const fn2_Square = function(a,b){
     let square = a*b;   
    return square;

//Arrow Function Expression
const fn3_square = (a, b) => {
    let square = a*b;   
    return square;

//Concise Arrow Function Expression
const fn4_square = (a,b) => a*b;

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