Angular 6 Snippets

Angular 6 TypeScript Snippets for VS Code by John Papa

Angular TypeScript Snippets for Visual Studio Code and these code snippets were created by John Papa. This is targeted for Angular 6+ release.

This extension for Visual Studio Code adds snippets for Angular for TypeScript and HTML.

How to Install in your Angular Project?
Please follows this reference link for install – Angular 6 Snippets
Also you can explore the Snippets Changelog.

Usage - Types below snippet press enter, and the snippet unfolds.
TypeScript Angular Snippets
Snippet Purpose
a-component component
a-component-inline component with inline template
a-component-root root app component
a-directive directive
a-guard-can-activate CanActivate guard
a-guard-can-activate-child CanActivateChild guard
a-guard-can-deactivate CanDeactivate guard
a-guard-can-load CanLoad guard
a-httpclient-get httpClient.get with Rx Observable
a-http-interceptor Empty Angular HttpInterceptor for HttpClient
a-http-interceptor-headers Angular HttpInterceptor that sets headers for HttpClient
a-http-interceptor-logging Angular HttpInterceptor that logs traffic for HttpClient
a-module module
a-module-root root app module
a-module-routing routing module file (forChild)
a-output-event @Output event and emitter
a-pipe pipe
a-rxjs-import import RxJs features
a-route-path-404 404 route path
a-route-path-default default route path
a-route-path-with-children route path with children
a-route-path-eager eager route path
a-route-path-lazy lazy route path
a-router-events listen to one or more router events
a-route-params-subscribe subscribe to route parameters
a-service service
a-service-httpclient service with HttpClient
a-ctor-skip-self angular NgModule's skipself constructor
a-subscribe Rx Observable subscription

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