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What Is Angular AsyncPipe?

Angular AsyncPipe –
Angular provide a special kind of pipe that are called AsyncPipe and the AsyncPipe subscribes to an observable or promise and returns the latest value it has emitted.

The AsyncPipe allows you to bind your HTML templates directly to values that arrive asynchronously manner that is a great ability for the promises and observables.

The expression with Async pipe-
{{ obj_expression | async }}

<ul><li *ngFor="let account of accounts | async">{{account.ACNo }}</li></ul>

The object expression can be observable, promise, null, or undefined.

The example for AsyncPipe -
  selector: 'app-async-pipe',
  template:`<ul><li *ngFor="let account of accounts | async">  A/C No- {{account.ACNo }} </li></ul>`,
  styleUrls: ['./async-pipe.component.css']
export class AsyncPipeComponent implements OnInit {
accounts = [];//accounts declarations
apiURLstring = ''//fetching json data from Rest API

//AsyncPipe Component constructor
constructor(private accountServiceAccountService) { }

//Load the account list
ngOnInit() {
                        .subscribe(data => this.accounts = data);

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