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Angular 2

Angular 7 Release Schedule – Upcoming Features!

Off-course! Angular 7 being smaller, faster and easier to use and it will making developers life easier.

Recently 6.0.0-rc.3 is released and Angular 7 showing up in Sep/Oct 2018.  That’s good news for Angular lovers.

Each Angular version is expected to be backward compatible with the prior release. Google pledged to do twice-a-year upgrades.

Angular Future Releases
Date Stable Release Compatibility*
September/October 2018 7.0.0 ^6.0.0
March/April 2019 8.0.0 ^7.0.0

Angular 6 frameworks is now feature complete, the CLI and Material/CDK parts of the v6 release and other integrations are still in works and It will be completed by the time.

Angular Team are working on lots of bug fixes, new features and added/update/remove/ re-introduce/ and may more things.
Features and Benefits of Prior Angular Release -

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