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What's new in SQL Server 2017 and 2018?

SQL Server 2017 Database Engine -
1.    New string functions are CONCAT_WS, TRANSLATE, and TRIM, and WITHIN GROUP
2.      CLR assemblies
3.      In-memory enhancements
4.      Resumable online index rebuild
6.      ADMINISTER DATABASE BULK OPERATIONS is now visible in sys.fn_builtin_permissions
7.      Automatic database tuning
8.      Graph database capabilities
9.      A sp_configure option called clr strict security is enabled by default to enhance the security of CLR assemblies.
10.  Setup now allows specifying initial tempdb file size up to 256 GB per file
11.  modified_extent_page_count
12.  SELECT INTO T-SQL syntax now supports loading a table into a FileGroup other than the user's default by using the ON keyword.
13.  New dynamic management views - sys.dm_db_log_stats, sys.dm_db_log_info, sys.dm_os_host_info and so on.

SQL Server 2017 Integration Services (SSIS)-
1.      Scale out Master now supports high availability.
2.      The failover handling of the execution logs from Scale Out Workers is improved.
3.      The SSIS Catalog has a new global property to specify the default mode for executing SSIS packages.

SQL Server 2017 Master Data Services (MDS)-
1.      Performance is improved for staging millions of records using the staging stored procedure.
2.      Now Explorer page of the Web application
3.      Performance is improved when expanding the Entities folder on the Manage Groups page to assign model permissions.

Machine Learning in SQL Server 2017 -
1.      revoscalepy
2.      Python operationalization with T-SQL
3.      microsoftml
4.      Package management
5.      Performance improvements


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