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How Is React different?

What Is Reactjs? Why Reactjs Is used?

What Is Reactjs?
Reactjs is a fast, open-source, and front-end JavaScript library and It was developed by Facebook in 2011 for building complex, stateful and interactive UI in web as well as mobile Applications.

Reactjs follows the component based approach which helps you to building reusable and interactive Web and Mobile User Interface (UI) components.

Reactjs has one of the largest communities supporting it.

The high level component Lifecycle -
At the highest level component Lifecycle, Reactjs components have lifecycle events that are -
1.      Initialization
2.      State/Property Updates
3.      Destruction
Reactjs is very fast technology that can be trusted for complex tasks and can simply be trusted for quality outcomes.

When Reactjs released?
March 2013

What Is current stable version of Reactjs?
The Version is - 15.5 and Release on - Apr 07, 2017.

What Is Repository URL of Reactjs?

How Is React different?
Basically, Reactjs is a limited library that is used for building the interactive UI components. Also used for building complex and stateful web as well as mobile apps. But some of the other JavaScript frameworks not perform the same.

Why Reactjs Is used?
Reactjs is used to handle only the View part and not for others web apps as well as mobile apps.

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