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advantages of Meteor?

What Is Meteor Js? Why MeteorJs?

What Is Meteor Js?
Meteor or MeteorJs is an open-source platform for developing modern web, mobile (iOS, Android and Windows), and desktop apps with the help of using NodeJS platform. Meteor allows for rapid development and prototyping and produces cross-platform code.

Meteor automatically manages the data flow between cloud and client applications, as well as client UI state and rendering, regardless of which UI framework you use.
Meteor is a JavaScript platform used for developing web and mobile applications. Applications develop using Meteor framework supports different platforms (Windows, Android, and iOS). Meteor includes a key set of technologies such as Node.js and general JavaScript community.

Meteor was developed by Meteor Development Group and maintained by same and it is integrated with Angular,MongoDB, npm and Cordova and many more.

Why MeteorJs?
1.      Ship more with less code
2.      Build apps for any device - web, mobile (iOS, Android and Windows), and desktop apps
3.      Integrate technologies you already use
4.      Reduce your development cost and time
Meteor make apps feel like top-tier web properties like Facebook or Twitter, or like a great desktop applications.

Meteor uses JavaScript language for front end as well as backend development. It makes dramatically fast development time and great for rapid prototyping.

What are the features of Meteor?
List of MeteorJs Features -
1.      Web and mobile - Used for developing Android, IOS and Web apps
2.      Packages - Used for support huge number of packages
3.      Meteor Galaxy - support Cloud service
4.      Universal Apps - Same code used for mobile device and web browser both.

Does Meteor Work On Windows?
Yes, you can install Meteor on Windows.

What Open Source License Does Meteor Use?
Meteor is available under the MIT license.

Is Meteor Secure?
Yes! It is secure.

What are the advantages of Meteor?
It is Open-source.
Coding is very simple and beginner friendly.
Meteor apps are by default real-time.

The development process is highly simplified as frontend, backend and database all uses one language i.e. JavaScript.

What are the disadvantages of Meteor?
Meteor is not much suitable for large and complex application.
Meteor API is rapidly changing.

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