Grunt js interview questions and answers

What Is Grunt.js? Why To Use Gruntjs?

What Is Grunt js?
Gruntjs is a JavaScript task runner and it used to automate tasks like magnification, compilation, concat, unit testing, and checking js errors. It uses CLI (Command Line Interface) to run custom tasks.

Gruntjs was created by Ben Alman and Gruntjs is written in Node.js in Sept 2016.

Gruntjs is basically a helping tool that main aims to cut down the code. Basically, it is used when there is a need to call the functional or similar tasks again and again.

There were more than 6,000 plugins available in the Grunt ecosystem.
Companies that use Gruntjs - Adobe Systems, jQuery, Twitter, Mozilla, Bootstrap, Cloudant, Opera, WordPress, Walmart, and Microsoft

Why Use a Task Runner?
A task runner can do most of your works with zero effort. All task runners have the following properties -
1.      Consistency
2.      Effectiveness
3.      Efficiency
4.      Repeatability
5.      and so on

Why To Use Gruntjs?
Grunt has become very popular and has tons of plugins to choose from. These plugins are great assets for any app to automate various things with minimum efforts.

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