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Emberjs interview questions and answers

What Is Ember.js?

What Is Ember.js?
Ember.js is a free, open source, front-end technology based on MVC (Model View Controller) pattern and written in JavaScript.

Ember.js was developed by Yehuda Katz in Dec 08, 2011. Now upgraded versions are take care by Ember core team.

Ember.js allows developers to create scalable, single page applications by incorporating common practice.

In the Ember.js -
·         Route is used as model
·         Template as view and
·         Controller manipulates the data in the model

Previously Ember.js is known as SproutCore MVC frameworks.
Why you use Ember.js?
1.      Open source JavaScript framework
2.      Flexible framework that embraces the concept of fast web page
3.      It has smaller size as compare to other library
4.      Data binding Support

What Are the Features of Ember.js?
1.      Creating reusable modules
2.      Easy to configure
3.      Handlebars Templates
4.      Automatic determines the route and controller during declaration of the route resources
5.      Used routes

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