Angular 5 vs Angular 6

Modular View Engine Architecture - Angular 6

Angular View Engine could be implemented, such as -
1.      Taking a multi-threaded approach to rendering
2.      Generating Web-Assembly code
3.      Generating SPIR-V code to exploit the work of the important W3C gpuweb working group
4.      Generating Verilog for a FPGA
5.      Deeper integration with native platforms

There are three possible approaches built on Angular 6 to facilitate “modular view engines” and it can be -
ü  do nothing
ü  do a little
ü  do a lot
Do Nothing- No changes are needed to be carried out to the existing Angular 6 beta code.

Do a Little - Making small changes to Compiler CLI so that the shared functionality between the different view compilers can be defined once.

Do a Lot - Realizing that supporting multiple view engines is going to be important in the future and investing now the necessary engineering effort to structure on-going development.

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