Background CSS Properties and Example

Background Image CSS Properties and Example

The CSS Background Image Properties is used to change the background Image of elements. The elements can be -
ü  html
ü  body
ü  footer
ü  H1,H2 and so on
ü  div
ü  P
ü  Your custom elements and so on

This property is supported most of browsers like IE, chrome, safari etc.
/* For HTML background image*/
    background-image: url("background.gif");

/* For HTML body background image*/
body {  
    background-image: url("background.gif");
    background-repeat: repeat-x;

/* For HTML body footer image*/

/* For HTML H1 tag background color*/
h1 {
    background: green;

/* For HTML div background image*/
div {

/* For HTML page P background color*/
p {
    background: yellow;

/* For HTML div class selector background color*/
.MyPage-class { background: white; }

/* For HTML div ids selector background image*/
#MyPage-Ids {

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