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What Is RequireJS?

What is RequireJS?
ü  RequireJS is a JavaScript library and AMD compatible asynchronous module loader.
ü  RequireJS is used to loads the JavaScript files and resolve their dependencies and its supported to the latest versions of popular browsers.
ü  RequireJS helps to improve the performance and code of quality.
ü  RequireJS was developed by David Mark. Its open source and it was released in 2009.
ü  RequireJS is used by node.js to fetch and load module.
ü  RequireJS contains a small set of plugins which allow us to loading the various types of resources like text, Dom Ready, i18n, CSS and loading.

RequireJS includes three main API functions -
ü  Define () - This function is used to define a module. Each module is defined a unique module ID. This module Id is used by RequireJS at the runtime.
ü  Require () - This function is used to load dependencies and It is a global function.
ü  Config () - This function is used to configure the RequireJS runtime functionality.

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