How to Install RequireJS?

When Should I use Require() and when to use Define()? [Require vs Define]

The define () method looks like -
ü  The define () method is used for facilitating module definition
ü  The define () method accepts two optional parameters module ID and array of required modules [dependencies]
ü  The define() method MUST return the implementation for your module i.e.

  module_id /*optional*/,
  definition function /*function for instantiating the module or object*/

define(['moduleA''moduleB'], function (moduleAmoduleB) {
  //define the module value by returning a value
  return function () {};

The require () method looks like -
ü  The require () method is used for handling dependency loading
ü  The require () function doesn't have to return the implementation of a new module.

require(['jquery'], function ($) {
  //jQuery was loaded and can be used now.

Example 1 -
define'MyApp', ["marionette"], function (Marionette) {
      // set up the app instance
      var app = new Marionette.Application();
        console.log("initialize started.");

      // export the app from this module
      return app;

Example 2 -
// Fetch and execute Marionette App
require( ["MyApp"], function (app) {
  // Execute App

Example 3 -
  "root": {
     "india": "india",
     "australia": "australia",
     "england": "england"

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