How To Install Karma?

How To Install Karma?

The Karama is a test runner and it use to writing and running the unit tests while developing the application and Karma runs on Node.js.

Karma works on the node.js stable versions - 0.8.x, 0.10.x and 0.12.x.
Installing Karma and plugins - The recommended approach to install Karma in your locally in the project's directory.

Install Karma -
ü  npm install karma --save-dev

Install plugins that your project needs -
ü  npm install karma-jasmine karma-chrome-launcher --save-dev

This will install karma, karma-jasmine and karma-chrome-launcher packages into node_modules in your current working directory and after installed save the all dependency in the package.json file.

The Command line Interface - You should install the Karma CLI globally -
ü  npm install -g karma-cli

List of Karma Dependencies -
ü  karma
ü  karma-chrome-launcher
ü  karma-cli
ü  karma-coverage-istanbul-reporte
ü  karma-jasmine
ü  karma-jasmine-html-reporter

Install all above dependencies -
ü  npm install --save-dev <all-of-the-above-dependencies>

All the dependency in the package.json looks like -
  "devDependencies": {
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